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Mount Masada

Mount Masada situated in the southern Judean Desert of Israel is the site of an ancient fortress and palaces which were constructed on top of the flat mountain plateau. The mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has the best preserved remains of a Roman siege system atop the mountain which tells of a deeply significant part of Jewish history. It was here that the Jews took their last stand against the Romans in the Great Revolt of the 1st century and so it has become a symbol of the struggle against oppression and fight for freedom.

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Qumran caves

In 1947 a Bedouin shepherd followed a stray animal from his flock into a cave on the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea, Israel only to discover what have come to be known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Qumran Caves are located next to an ancient settlement, Qumran, which had been occupied over the years by various societies going back to the Iron Age of the 7-8th century BC. The Qumran caves are within the Qumran National Park which lies west of Road 90 (the Dead Sea Highway), about 7km south of the Haarava turn off and about 25km from Jerusalem.

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The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of 973 texts dating back almost 2000 years, they were originally discovered in caves close to the ancient Qumran settlement near the Dead Sea in Israel in 1947. After further exploration of the area a total of 11 caves were found to contain texts which had been sealed in earthenware jars. Some of the texts were not within jars and those scrolls were found in bad condition

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