B.H. TOURISM SERVICES LTD is a leading Israeli government licensed travel service, specializing in the planning, organization and conducting of custom-made guided tours . Our company employs highly experienced government licensed tour guides. It offers tours in an extensive range of languages and all its vehicles are approved by the Ministry of Tourism to afford customers top comfort sightseeing.


Tour Bus Driver mini-DSC_0412 mini-IMG_3812 mini-IMG_3696 Masada Ruins Cable car station on Mount Masada Guided tour on mount Masada mini-DSC_0314 mini-DSC_0341 Snake route  up mount  Masada Masada top cable car station mini-IMG_3706 mini-visitors-at-masada

Bein Harim Tours LTD, Hanamal St. 36, Tel Aviv, Israel 61131, P.O.B: 13221, Tel: 972-3-5422000 Fax: 972-3-5422001