AHAVA is the largest producer of Dead Sea products; they make a wide range of beauty and therapeutic products using the mud and minerals of the Dead Sea. On a tour of the Dead Sea you may stop at an AHAVA factory store where you can buy their products and you will also see them in all the major pharmacies around the country and even the world.
Models promoting Ahava's skin care productsAHAVA was founded in 1988 by Zva Gilad who worked in a spa by the Dead Sea and noticed people covering their skin with the rich mineral Dead Sea mud. The name AHAVA means “Love” in Hebrew. The company grew rapidly establishing contracts with many international outlets including Norstrom and Lord&Taylor in the USA. They are the only cosmetics company with a government license to mine the raw Dead Sea minerals.
AHAVA combines the natural minerals of the Dead Sea with natural extracts from vegetation in the Himalayan Mountains. AHAVA’s range of products includes skin care products for different types of skin, for men and anti-aging skin products. The rich minerals of the Dead Sea which are beneficial to the skin include calcium, potassium and magnesium which are most prevalent in the Dead Sea mud which AHAVA also packages for use as a skin mask. The mud is believed to help blood circulation and naturally revitalizing the skin. Many of their products have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and are known to relax, re-vitalize and nourish the skin. They produce a range of sun protection products; bath products; mud compresses for treating osteoarthritis; cream treatments for psoriasis, seborrhea and atopic dermatitis; spa products; body and face masks and cosmetics. The company uses its own purified water, packs products in recycled containers and does not test its products on animals. AHAVA is constantly researching new and innovative skin treatments specifically anti-aging and the use of nanotechnology.


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