Masada National Park

The Masada National Park is situated in southern Israel, Mount Masada has deep cultural significance to the Jews due to the historical events that took place here it is a symbol of national pride and bravery. As a national park the authorities protect and conserve the mountain and its surroundings and with the help of experts the mountain fortress has been restored using original materials where possible and the buildings have been reconstructed with care. Visitors can ascend to the flat mountain plateau by cable car or by foot, to see the site of Herod’s palace and the remains of the Jewish rebel settlement from the Great Revolt. Apart from the mountain top archaeological site you can also visit the Masada Museum and enjoy a Sound and Light Show.

Yigael Yadin Masada Museum

In the course of archaeological exploration of Masada a large number of artifacts from various periods of history were uncovered, these could not be left scattered throughout the site and so they have been brought together in the Yigael Yadin Masada Museum. The museum was opened in 2007 and is named after Yigael Yadin, the leader of the archaeological expedition from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem which unearthed the artifacts on display.

The displays are designed by experts in their field like the museum curator at the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The displays have been made appealing by giving the artifacts theatrical backdrops and providing audio explanations of the artifacts through headphones. There are also 3D scenes, sculptured figures and recreated parts of the architecture from Masada’s buildings.

The museum is divided into three focal points: Herod’s period on Masada when many of the grand buildings were constructed as a retreat for the leader; the 5 years that Jewish rebels spent on the mountain top as a last outpost against the Roman and artifacts collected from the Roman army which eventually overcame the Jewish rebels and reached the top of the mountain only to discover that the remaining Jewish rebels had chosen to take their own lives instead of falling into Roman hands. The clear progression through the various historic periods of Masada’s past together with the dynamic presentation makes the story of Masada easy to understand. There is also a final section about the excavation and Professor Yigael Yadin.

Masada Sound and Light Show

For a unique experience visitors can see a sound and light show set against the western side of the mountain. The show retells the tale of the Jewish rebels and their final days on the mountain top as the Roman army progressed up the mountain towards them. There are shows from March to October twice a week in the evening.


mini-DSC_0340 mini-IMG_3721 mini-DSC_0380 View from The top of mount Masada mini-IMG_3696 Travelers on Mt. Masada mini-IMG_3702 Top of Mt.Masada mini-IMG_3805 mini-DSC_0134 Masada Ruins mini-IMG_3716 South Israel - view from the road

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